Life Secure helps you with affordable premium solutions and free risk advice to help you through highs and lows within the rural community.

As a farmer, horticulturist, or viticulturist you have same health risks as everyone else and as we step towards aging, the ability to work gets reduced. As a farm owner, health is not the only primary concern but the whole farm needs to be taken care of. In cases, where you or key person is taken out of the picture because of sickness, illness or accident, Agribusiness insurance will provide you with regular cash flow to keep your farm running.

‘It’s only about you’ with Life Secure. We personalize your insurance cover to mitigate risks and help you with everything you need to manage for risks. We are one stop solution for you, in case you may need to update your policy, make a claim, damage assistance, or anything else – We are just a phone call away.

Farmer/Agribusiness Protection Cover
We help you with a range of fixed, floating, and bill finance options to meet the needs of your rural business. Life Secure will help if the insured key person in the farm is not able to work due to sickness, illness or accident. The cover will provide monthly payments so that your farm activities can keep running. The protection can give you lump sum payments when taken with Life cover, Trauma cover, and/or Complete Disablement cover.

How does Farmer Protection Cover work?

  1. Arrangements for flexible repayments
  2. Interest rate periods are tailored
  3. Specialised interest rate options