At Life Secure, we have been asked many questions about how can we help an interested home buyer? Do we do just mortgage? Who are our mortgage partners? Are we only there to assist with home loan process cycle and much more…?

Life Secure is different. Our mortgage experience has been supporting families over the long term. Our relationship with you starts from our first meeting through to the sanctioning of your loan and building the first home through to the many next in a row.

How we help you secure your mortgage?

  • We do not charge anything from our customers, and no hidden disclosures
  • We assess your financials and help you with loan application
  • We advise you on repayments, and which banks will give you the best deal
  • We get you offers from multiple banks after negotiating for best possible interest rates
  • We help you structure the mortgage to suit financial commitments and needs. We do this ensuring that your loan repayment gets faster without increasing your loan instalments
  • We assist you with regular mortgage reviews to ensure your payments are on track and you are getting best possible interest rate from your bank